Wesfil WCA757 Air Filter


Date listed: 18/2/2020

When you consider that a car's engine is basically an air pump - using air, combusting it with fuel and converting the resulting energy into mechanical movement - it makes sense that for an engine to operate at maximum efficiency, it has to be able to breathe. That's where air filters come in, filtering out foreign matter, debris, dirt and dust and ensuring your engine can breathe clean, filtered air. Wesfil know all about what makes a good air filter as they've been making them for decades and, being an Australian company, Wesfil have established an immense range of high-quality air filter solutions that are tailored to work in our harsh climate for the vehicles we own and drive in Australia. Let your engine breathe again with a drop-in replacement air filter from Wesfil, right here at Automotive Superstore.

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