5 Seconds of Summer are back with a tour and new song. Picture: Supplied
5 Seconds of Summer are back with a tour and new song. Picture: Supplied

5SOS return with new song and a tour

THAT collective, high-pitched squeal which just reverberated around the world was the sound of millions of fans greeting the return of Australia's global chart-toppers 5 Seconds Of Summer.

The Sydney quartet of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin nervously awaited the reaction to their released their much-anticipated new single Want You Back on Friday morning.

Within minutes they were trending worldwide as their loyal fandom sampled the first new music from the Australian pop rockers in almost two years.

Some fans will be understandably frustrated by the news they will play only two club shows in Australia in May on their whirlwind live campaign to introduce the third record.

The musicians said they were "super nervous" about the comeback song which will introduce their third album to be released later this year.

"This album is as much about the future for this band as it is for the present of their band," Hood said.

"I think it opens up a lot of different avenues for fans to explore."

The band members took a much-needed time out after their 2016 world tour in support of second album Sounds Good Feels Good to set up homes in Los Angeles.

Irwin said they also needed to decompress from the hard-partying tour lifestyle.

"It's actually really nice because we have gotten all the drinking and partying out of the way that comes from touring around the world six times in a row over the past five years," the drummer said.

"While you have your hiccups where you are asking 'Am I drinking too much? Am I sleeping enough because I feel like s ...' but you learn to be really durable."

Hood said the break has been essential "for the longevity of the band"

"It was really important for us to have a bit of a break and live our lives as individuals and then come back and pinpoint what we want to achieve over this next period of our career," he said.


The band will be back in Australia for two club shows in May. Picture: Supplied
The band will be back in Australia for two club shows in May. Picture: Supplied


The primary motivation behind relocating to Los Angeles where their label is based was to work with some of the biggest hitmakers in the world, including Dr Dre and Eminem producer Mike Elizondo.

Irwin said living in Los Angeles was also a deeply personal choice because he found himself unravelling when at home in Australia because of the scars of his childhood when he and his mother struggled to keep afloat after his father left him as a young boy.

The musician and songwriter has always been honest with his fans about his occasional struggles with mental health issues.

"We have grown a relationship with people here and have fallen into our own creative world," he said.

"Especially for me, when I am in Australia (because) my early home life really affected me mentally, affected my drive and motivation to be in a band. I find that (drive) unravels when I am back at home.

"It's not about running away from the past but realising it doesn't determine your future."

After inauspicious beginnings in Sydney's pub scene in 2012 when they played to about 12 people at one of their first gigs at the former rock nursery Annandale Hotel in Sydney, 5SOS quickly rose to the top of the world charts with their breakthrough single She Looks So Perfect in 2014.

Landing the opening spot on One Direction's Take Me Home world tour in 2013 introduced 5SOS to millions of the British boy band's fans and set up their self-titled debut album to top the charts not only in Australia but the US and UK in 2014.

The follow-up Sounds Good Feels Good in 2015 repeated that feat and confirmed the Australian pop rockers were no one-hit wonders.

Irwin said Want You Back signalled a "sonic" shift in the band's sound and was about losing your first love.

"It's about the frustration of losing that first love of your life and how that almost sets the tone for the loves of the rest of your life," Irwin said.

There will be plenty of frustration for those who love the band when tickets go on sale to their only Australian concerts on the 5SOS3 tour at Sydney's Metro

Theatre on May 24 and 170 Russell in Melbourne on May 29.

But those preview gigs will act as a precursor for a bigger tour likely to be announced within the next few months.

"I love that we are doing the Metro," Irwin said.

"Our motivation to get the live show right in these smaller spaces, like we used to in the early days before we do anything larger."

Want You Back is out now with tickets for the 5SOS3 homecoming concerts on sale on March 2 from 1om via livenation.com.au

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