Accused child sex offender denied bail

A ROCKHAMPTON stalker told a judge it would be "absolutely ludicrous" he would breach bail conditions if he was released from jail.

Wayne James Reynolds is facing life in jail for allegedly maintaining a relationship with a child and tried to convince Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday that he should be released on bail.

But Justice Peter Flanagan was not convinced.

Mr Reynolds, dressed in a flannelette shirt, tracksuit pants and thongs, represented himself from the defendant's box and said he would dispute the child sex charge "vigorously".

He claimed he had been in jail on remand for more a year and two months and argued this was a long time.

He also said he was willing to be excluded from Rockhampton township as a bail condition.

Mr Reynolds said this move "mitigates any chance of accidentally running into witnesses or anything else".

"I am totally aware, fully aware, of the penalties applicable if I do contact any of those witnesses.

"It would be ludicrous, absolutely ludicrous, to suggest that I'm going to get bail and breach it in any way, shape or form."

But Justice Flanagan said Mr Reynolds's criminal history showed it was too risky to release him.

The court heard Mr Reynolds had intimidated and stalked witnesses in previous cases.

"The applicant has previously contacted witnesses in prosecution against him and threatened to them to retract their statements to police and not attend court," Justice Flanagan said.

He also said the alleged victim was a young child and that the maximum penalty for the offence was life in jail.

Justice Flanagan refused bail because Reynolds "still constitutes in my view an unacceptable risk to the safety and welfare of others and the interfering with witnesses and of re-offending".

Mr Reynolds shook his head as his bail was refused. - APN NEWSDESK

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