Nicholas Falconer

Mother’s plea after 15-year-old daughter runs away from home

THE mother and father of a daughter who has run away from the family home because she could no longer abide with their rules have written a heartfelt letter to the parents who think they're helping.

A few weeks ago there was a Sunshine Coast Daily article about the increasing problems with teenagers as young as 12 being caught up with drugs and alcohol.

It's taking me a lot to post this as I try my hardest to keep to myself and I don't like a lot of attention. This time however I have had enough and I'm going to speak out about this topic.

In my opinion and personal experience - it is the government, misinformed schools, other kids and other parents who are to blame for this problem. There are certain people I am hoping this post will reach as I have no way of reaching you myself.

These people are the ones who have taken my daughter in over the last few months.

You see, I have no way of reaching you as you have not bothered to contact my family to see if what my daughter has been telling you is true or not or the full extent of the situation.

You see, at 15 my daughter has decided there shouldn't be any punishment for her actions.

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These actions include sneaking out, drinking in parks until she passes out, organizing "hook ups" in our house when we are out, threats to her younger sibling and constant emotional abuse to myself (I'm the easy target).

We don't know if there are drugs involved as, for some reason, the hospital would not give us the results of a recent test. Yet another department failing parents.

We, as parents, have tried to do what we think is best to protect our daughter from the harm that any parent who cares can see is waiting.

So we took one last, harsh attempt and told her she needs to stop her behaviour and seek professional help so we can restore the damage that has been done to this family.

That was our mistake .... she happily packed her bag and walked out the door five weeks ago.

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The only way I know she is alive is her continued harassment via Facebook.

Some family (I can only assume a parent from her school) had taken her in and she is now seeking assistance from Centrelink.

She also claims she has found "community housing" to live in. I'm not sure this is 100% correct as it's hard to know what the truth is.

This is where the system is failing us.

This spoilt child is taking up valuable resources from organisations that are designed to help teens in need.

If Centrelink approve her claim, she then has access to all the alcohol she wants.

She is also taking up a valuable bed from a child who is homeless, who does get abused or has to deal with drugs and alcohol in the home.

Tell me, the next time my daughter is passed out in a park are these organisations going to be the ones who pick her up?

If she falls pregnant are you, the family who she has manipulated, going to help her raise it?

You can bet your ass not.

We too, as parents, have made wrong choices and never claim to be perfect, but I am asking who ever has had my daughter to contact us so we can mend the bad reputation she has caused of us.

In the end if you choose not to, so be it.

We have plenty of close friends who know the good people and parents that we are.

We also have two other beautiful children who should not have to reassure their parents everyday that they are doing a great job.

I just need you to see the long term damage you have caused this family as I'm not sure we will every fully come to terms with what she has done to us, or ever be able to repair the damage, all just because you think you are helping a child in need.

You see, it is you, the system and society who are enabling our children to do what they want.

They know if they are not allowed to do it at home, there is always someone else who will allow it.

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