Jemma Rose Walters.
Jemma Rose Walters.

‘Alcohol issue’: Young Roma woman 3x legal limit crashes car

A 20-year-old Roma woman who drove three times the legal limit before crashing her car on the Warrego Highway has been told by a magistrate she has a problem with alcohol.

On December 4 2020, Roma police officers attended the Warrego Highway in Muckadilla after Jemma Rose Walters failed to navigate a slight bend in the road, damaging her car.

A roadside breath test revealed a reading of 0.149, but Walters told officers she crashed because her tyres were “shit”.

“Skid marks were left on the road and examination indicated damage to the vehicle,” police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst said.

“There’s a couple of issues your Honour – she was driving on a provisional licence … the high-medium range of driving and this offence occurred while on community service for a similar offence.

“Once again, it’s very lucky she hasn’t hurt herself or others.

“As a youth, it’s concerning.”

The Roma Magistrates Court heard on December 16 2020, Walters was given a community service order after she assaulted an officer while adversely affected by alcohol on July 31 2020.

Walter’s solicitor, Lesley Reed told the court her client had a couple of mixed vodkas throughout the day, had a two hour break from drinking and “felt fine” before attempting to drive to Mitchell.

“Her vehicle started to slide across the road, fortunately no one was hurt and she told me that was frightening enough to teach her a lesson,” Ms Reed said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers failed to believe that the defendant “felt fine”, saying she had more than a couple of vodkas to attain that reading.

“There’s an alcohol issue here,” he said.

Queensland Probation Officer Carly Hicks recommended the defendant receive a probation order over another community service sentence.

“Yet to see any hours recorded against her community service so wouldn’t recommend more community service,” Ms Hicks said.

However, the defendant told the court she had completed some hours.

Walters pleaded guilty to driving over the middle alcohol limit and one count of driving without due care and attention.

Saggers handed her a 12 month probation order, with an emphasis on a drink and drug driving problem and she was disqualified from driving for a period of six months.

The conviction was recorded.

“You seem to be blaming everything on the 0.149 of alcohol … you don’t seem to comprehend that’s a significant amount of alcohol which will affect your ability to drive a car,” Saggers said.

“Which puts you and everyone else at risk.

“It would seem to be, coupled with your previous offence, you have a problem with alcohol which leads me to a probation order.”

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