ARIEL Winter is famous for her often racy outfits and even more famous for not giving into the online haters who criticise her fashion choices.

Like in May last year when she faced a barrage of negative comments for wearing a plunging mini dress to an event with her Modern Family co-stars, who all opted for more causal dress.

But the 20-year-old star, (who plays middle child Alex Dunphy on the hit sitcom) was having none of it, hitting back in her usual no-nonsense way.


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This time the actress has come under fire after posting a picture of herself on Instagram with her boyfriend Levi Meaden heading off to celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter. Captioning the photo "I got them to the Greek (church)".

While many commenters wished her a happy Easter, others were quick to pick up on her short, black dress.

"Look at what is she wearing in the church. So disrespectful !!!", one Instagram user commented.

Another said: "And is that appropriate dress to wear to church", questioning what was "wrong" with the actress that she always felt the need to show off so much of her body, saying it wasn't healthy.

While Winter hasn't been shy in the past about hitting back at negative comments, this time she left it to her followers to defend her.

"Unless you are her doctor, it is not up to you to say what is healthy for her. Butt out." one user posted in Winter's defence.

Many users backed Winter's choice of dress for the occasion, pointing out it's her body, therefore her choice.

Growing up in front of the camera, Winter has endured the taunts of trolls for years. However, the curvy celebrity has embraced her body and her clothing choices.

"If you want to wear a short skirt and show your body like I do, it doesn't mean you're a wh**e. And it doesn't mean you're not one." she told Refinery 29 in 2017.

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