Armed robber: ‘You can claim this on insurance’

"THIS is a robbery, you can claim it on insurance."

A barefoot man walked into a convenience store just after 9am on a Friday morning in February this year with a tyre iron by his side.

He was wearing a hat, sunglasses, t-shirt and board shorts when he demanded the attendant open the till drawer.

James David Roope told the victim it was a robbery and he could claim the losses on insurance as he snatched $150 from the register and left.

It was the last day of a three day period of property offending in which Roope targeted four businesses, leaving his fingerprints at each one.

The same day he took four wheels off a car at a used car yard, fitted them to his own car and drove away.

Police found him later in the day with the wheels attached to his vehicle and in possession of stolen credit cards.

The day before Roope, 38, tried to break a coin box from a Booval laundromat.

It happened after he scaled a six foot fence and smashed the windows and dented the doors of three new vehicles at a Yamanto car yard.

Roope initially told police he did not attend the convenience store.

"You denied being there but if your fingerprints were at the scene, there is a fair chance you were there," Judge Greg Koppenol said during sentencing in Ipswich District Court this morning.

Roope's defence lawyer Timothy Ryan said the offending was unsophisticated and caught on CCTV.

He said Roope did little to disguise his identity, including a distinctive tattoo.

"It was a spur of the moment activity lacking in sophisticated features," Mr Ryan said.

"This type of offending reflects desperation."

Roope pleaded guilty to one count each of armed robbery, contravening a court order, stealing, receiving tainted property and trespass and two counts of wilful damage.

Judge Koppenol did not order Roope pay restitution to the businesses because "it would be inappropriate to order him to pay thousands in restitution when I expect there may not be a lot of money able to be accessed".

He said the offences were in the context of Roope's drug addiction which saw him addicted to ice for the past 15 years.

Roope was sentenced to a head sentence of four years imprisonment with 58 days pre sentence custody declared.

He will be able to apply for parole in July next year.

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