Aunt put teen nephew through 'living hell', says court

SHE overdosed her teenage nephew on laxatives before he went to school.

She would refuse the 15-year-old use of the shower or toilet, and disciplined him for attempting to use deodorant.

This aunt, aged 45-46 years at the time, forced the boy to eat hot food, such as chillies, without water and humiliated him into performing sexual acts with a vibrator, with threats her daughter would apply super glue and toothpaste to his body if he did not.

The woman, who cannot be named to protect the boy's identity, even encouraged her daughter to film the sexual acts and threatened to use the footage to further humiliate the boy while he was in her care in a small town near Mundubbera.

She derived amusement from these episodes.

Three Queensland Court of Appeal justices on Friday had no difficulty refusing the woman's bid to reduce her seven-year jail sentence for torture.

When she was sentenced in Maryborough District Court, the woman also received a serious violent offence declaration which means she must serve at least 80% of that time behind bars.

Justice Robert Gotterson said the woman, who represented herself, demonstrated no error in the sentencing and provided no other cases to illustrate how her sentence was manifestly excessive.

"Had she attempted to do so, she would have encountered great difficulty, in my view," he said.

Justice Gotterson said the woman's actions were "more egregious" in some ways than comparable cases, noting the boy was haunted by the abuse he suffered.

He said feeding the boy worming tablets, castor oil and other laxatives before school meant he would lose control of his bowels and was forced to go to school soiled.

"He was ostracised by his peers such that his school life was a "living hell"," he said.

"There were times when (she) made (the boy) strip so that she could whip his buttocks.

"She pushed him in the face, cut his hand with a pocket knife, tried to stab him with a needle and terrified him with threats to pierce his testicle and rip off his fingernails and foreskin with pliers."

The woman, who pleaded guilty to the torture charge, had previous convictions for violence and a conviction for ill-treating a german shepherd dog.


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