TRUE STORY: The book launch of Lisa Marie Cornwell's book,  Terminally Authentic .
TRUE STORY: The book launch of Lisa Marie Cornwell's book, Terminally Authentic . LEONIE ECKEL

Authentically Lisa Marie Cornwell

LISA Marie Cornwell's life was turned upside down when doctors gave her six months to live.

That was in 2016, now Ms Cornwell has penned her first-hand experience in Terminally Authentic, a book she launched last week focused on her journey dealing with her near-destruction to an awakening.

She was 28 when doctors told her she had stage four advanced breast cancer with secondary cancer in the bones, deeming her cancer metastatic.

In 2018 she was further diagnosed with two tumours on the brain.

"Through an intense treatment regime, my breast cancer had stabilised, though my bone cancer still remains active,” MsCornwell said.

"My tumours in the brain are not present at this point due to the effectiveness of gamma knife radiation, but I am left with some permanent damage and with the cancer spreading to the brain it is also now uncontrollable and I am deemed terminal with a prognosis of six months.”

Now 31, Ms Cornwell has lived longer than expected and told the Western Times she was doing well.

"It is now a waiting game of when and where the next tumour will be, not if,” she said.

"This is due to the type of cancer I have and its current progression path.”

After her recent brain tumour diagnosis, MsCornwell's mother inspired her to start writing again to exercise her brain.

"It was also at this time through research we found little support and literature for someone with my particular circumstances, and together we thought instead of wallowing in my own self pity, why not be the resource for others I never had,” she said.

"So birthed the idea of the book. Writing the book became therapeutic in dealing with the impact cancer has had on my life, especially emotionally and mentally.

"This book has been my therapy and because of this it is open, honest, raw, real and very authentic.”

To purchase a copy of Terminally Authentic, contact Ms Cornwell through her website or via Facebook.

Copies are also available at Charleville Newsagency and Charlotte's Nest.

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