Sam Frost stars in the TV series The Bachelorette.
Sam Frost stars in the TV series The Bachelorette. Photo Contributed

Bachie Queen: Ruler of our TV screens

WITH The Bachelorette following The Bachelor, one would think we'd be sick of reality dating shows.

So why does it seem that many viewers, including myself, are enjoying The Bachelorette more than The Bachelor? I have two theories.

The first revolves around the "bubble" effect of the show. Participants are cooped up in a house - okay, a waterfront Sydney mansion - with little contact with the outside world for weeks or months at a time.

During their time on The Bachelor, the women have little to look forward to outside of dates, the boozy cocktail parties and the rose ceremonies.

It creates a feeling of desperation as you listen to them constantly talking about wanting The Bachelor to "get to know the real me".

The men on The Bachelorette seem better equipped to handle captivity.

They even created a bro-code on the first night. There was certainly no equivalent on The Bachelor.

I think it's this laidback atmosphere which gives The Bachelorette some of its appeal.

My second theory around the show's success is its star, Sam Frost.

While it seemed strange at first that she would sign up to the show so soon after being dumped by last year's Bachelor Blake Garvey, Frost has turned out to be quite the leading lady.

It's a stroke of casting genius by Ten in introducing the new show with someone who has a built-in back story.

I've seen more of her personality in the show's first four episodes than I felt I saw out of Sam Wood during the whole season of The Bachelor.

Frost has also quite rightly earned the nickname "Bachie Queen" for throwing out self-obsessed male model David and being generally well-spoken in some intimidating and awkward situations.

I never thought it possible, but I think I'm on the Bachelorette bandwagon.

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