Man allegedly stole Xbox, threatened teen with stabbing

A BILOELA man accused of stealing an Xbox and threatening to stab a teenager with a knife during a 5am robbery at his home has been refused bail.

Opposing the bail application of Garth Goodsir, 33, police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the man was found at 5am outside the back door of a 17-year-old's house.

The teenager alleged Goodsir was "all worked up," rambling and yelling at him "where is the f*** BMX bike". The bike was not at the house.

Magistrate Melanie Ho heard that the teen accused Goodsir of picking up a black-handled, steel, serrated knife from a kitchen table and threatened to stab him.

He alleges Goodsir came close to him with the knife and stood over him, making stabbing motions, saying, "I will stab you. I don't care".

Goodsir is then alleged to have used the knife to scratch and stab at the timber floor, leaving visible scratch marks.

After putting the knife down, police allege Goodsir took an Xbox game console.

Goodsir is charged with entering a dwelling on September 1 to assault, stealing and wilful damage to a floor. He has made no pleas to the charges.

In making the bail application lawyer Jun Pepito said the teenager's allegations were just one version of events.

Mr Pepito said the allegations that Goodsall was flinging the knife around erratically in the air and that he stood over him before suddenly stabbing the wooden floor ... "it doesn't make sense".

"Because the bike wasn't present he stabs the floor. It does not make sense," Mr Pepito said.

Mr Pepito said the knife was found later by police beneath a pillow, put there by the teen.

Sergeant Stevens also opposed bail on the grounds Biloela was a small town and Goodsir would live just 1.5km from the teenager.

Gladstone magistrate Melanie Ho said Goodsir posed an unacceptable risk.

She refused Goodsir bail and adjourned the case to Biloela.

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