LAND described as some of the best - and best located - serious commercial grazing property in the world goes on sale in the Mary Valley on Monday.

Marketing agency Oliver Hume was tight lipped about full details of the 11 properties on offer.

But the agency does reveal in today's Gympie Times property section that they take in more than 1600ha, including the historically significant Bollier Park Homestead, a trophy property on 863.71ha, part of a Mary Valley grazing history that pre-dates the gold rush.

Oliver Hume managing director Brinton Keath said the firm had already experienced interest from companies all over Australia and overseas, "as well as local farmers who know how special this property is".

"I have no hesitation in saying it is easily the best property to come on to the market in the Mary Valley for 50 years," he said.

The Beattie Government reportedly paid $25.3 million for it in the course of its frantic $483 million buy-up of Mary Valley land, in preparation for the failed Traveston Crossing dam.

On the other side of politics, the property is also a left-over from the failed Newman Government-backed plan for a $60 million quarter horse racing facility.

Some of the properties may also have a connection to Gina Rinehart's Hope Dairies export plan, which also evaporated when investors took up other opportunities.

Even in more sober times, it is thought a buyer would need well upwards of $10 million to become lord of the Bollier Park manor.

Mary Valley true believer John Cochrane yesterday said the land would be keenly sought after.

The Valley real estate enthusiast, resident, agent and investor described the land being sold as "the best anywhere".

"The rural property market has been strong lately and I expect these properties to be keenly sought after," he said.

"Bollier Park is something like 2000 acres and in Reeves Rd there is another one fronting on Yabba Creek.

"They have plenty of water and really good quality soil.

"It's good to see this land being turned back into good productive country. It will mean better times and turnover for rural industry and our towns and rural stores.

"This is serious farmland, not lifestyle blocks. It is for the serious farmer," he said.

"This is the land I bring the judges to at show time, when I want them to go home and talk about the Mary Valley.

"They all say: 'Where would you find better land?'"

Mary Valley land sale facts

Number of properties: 11

Total area of land: 1600ha

Main property: Bollier Park Homestead

Type of property: Selection of vacant land, farm houses and investment property.

Offers open: Monday

Offers close: May 11

Registration of interest:

Phone: 07 5440 5151

Gympie Times

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