QUEENSLANDER: Billy Moore and Zack Page, winner of the lucky door prize football.
QUEENSLANDER: Billy Moore and Zack Page, winner of the lucky door prize football. Jorja McDonnell

Billy Moore offers life advice in Maranoa tour

HIS battle cry became eponymous at the 1995 State of Origin, and has stood the test of time for over 20 years since that fateful day.

While Billy Moore still rallies to the chant of "QUEENSLANDER”, he has put his skills to us for another purpose: to inspire and motivate residents of the Maranoa.

His week-long tour began in Surat on Tuesday and moved to Mitchell on Wednesday night.

Moore was invited to speak in the region as part of drought relief, providing a social event and offering the opportunity to talk about support.

Born in Tenterfield and raised in the border town of Wallangarra, he is a country boy through and through. Moore said he wanted to play a small part in keeping up spirits during tough times.

"When it comes to talking to the kids, I understand what it's like for them.

"I grew up in a town smaller than Mitchell, and the message I wanted to send to the kids was 'you can dream big'.

"Even in small towns, you can still have the opportunities to make it if you want to work hard, train hard, and set goals,” he said.

An evening event with Moore at the Mitchell Shire Hall saw a full house.

Ever a charismatic speaker, he reflected on life experience in football and in the restaurant industry, using them as a reminder that the darkest time is right before the dawn.

"The least I can do is see the glass half full, and try to be as positive as I can.

"I've never had a farm, but I've got a small business, and know how hard it is to run a business.

"The small business owners out here are heavily influenced on the weather, which is very different from my business, and it amazes me how resilient they are when ninety per cent of what affects them is out of their control.

"Despite those differences, what I hope to pass on is to hang in there, hold on and the opportunity will come to you; when it does, there are people here to help out,” he said.

The football-mad Mitchell residents jumped at the chance to win the night's lucky door prize: a football signed by Billy Moore.

Drawn at the end of Moore's speech, the winner was Zack Page, a young man who was elated to meet the Queenslander in the flesh.

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