JULIANNE Morice and her daughter Isabel have been blessed with rare blood and have been donating blood and plasma for seven years.

The pair is among the three percent of Australians with AB blood type.

Although AB is the rarest blood group, the plasma content is universal.

Mrs Morice lives in Haden near Toowoomba and has recently made her 102nd plasma donation at the Toowoomba Donor Centre while her daughter made her first plasma donation after giving blood for many years.

Mrs Morice said she tried to give plasma every two weeks.

"It was something I always thought about doing and I love knowing that I have been able to help so many people," Mrs Morice said.

"My children actually started donating through a program at school and one day I had to pick up my daughter so I thought it was a perfect time to make an appointment.

Julianne Morice and her children Nicholas and Isabel Morice donate blood on a regular basis.
Julianne Morice and her children Nicholas and Isabel Morice donate blood on a regular basis. Nev Madsen

"I know that blood helps people in need and donating is so easy. There's nothing to it. You just have to have a bit of time that's all.

"Donating plasma allows me to make a contribution to the community," she said.

Mrs Morice has six children and they have all donated blood over the years and her two sons Morgan and Nicholas still donate whenever they can.

Blood service spokesperson Bernadette Dias said the Morice children represented an emerging group of young people that were breaking the trending decline in young blood donors.

"For the one in three Australians who will need donated blood during their lifetime, their generosity is vitally important," Ms Dias said.

"Blood Service data shows that of the 125,000 people who gave blood last year, less than half returned to make a follow-up donation.

"We would like to see more young people returning to give blood and becoming more loyal donors because donor retention is literally the lifeblood of the organisation," she said.

Australia needs more than 27,000 blood donations every week to ensure there are enough supplies for cancer patients, surgical, burns and trauma patients.

Toowoomba Donor Centre

Located at the Toowoomba Hospital.

Open Monday-Saturday.

To book an appointment phone 13 14 95.

If you are aged between 16-70 you can donate blood.

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