BRRRR: Widespread frost as temps plunge below freezing

UPDATE: WIDESPREAD frost has been reported on the Granite Belt and some outlying parts of Warwick as temperatures plunged below freezing this morning.

In Applethorpe the temperature dropped to -4.1 degrees at 4.28am, while in Warwick it was -1 degrees at 5am.

At 7.30am the apparent temperature was a chilly -1.8 degrees in Warwick.

The cold is set to continue tomorrow, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting a wet and wintery Monday.

In Stanthorpe the temperature is forecast to reach just 8 degrees, while Warwick will struggle to reach 11 degrees.

Frost at Eukey near Stanthorpe this morning
Frost at Eukey near Stanthorpe this morning Samantha Wantling


UPDATE: A COLD snap has hit the Southern Downs with below freezing conditions across the region this morning.

The apparent temperature was -4.6 degrees in Applethorpe at 6am while it felt like 0.4 degrees in Warwick at 6.30am.

The Bureau of Meteorology expects it to be even colder tomorrow morning with Stanthorpe expected to get to -3 degrees.

"It will be cold but there's no chance of snow," meteorologist Kev Hutchins said.

"Saturday into Sunday will drop to -1 degrees.

"Stanthorpe will be colder with -3 on Sunday morning."

What to expect (minimums)

Toowoomba: Saturday 1, Sunday 0, Monday 8

Warwick: Saturday -1, Sunday -1, Monday 7


EARLIER: THIS month has officially become Warwick's wettest and warmest June on record.

But this weekend will be a different story.

Clear skies are forecast today, but temperatures are expected to struggle to get to double figures.

Warwick will reach just 14 degrees today, while Stanthorpe is looking at just 11 degrees.

Frost is expected across the region, and there will be little reprieve as the weekend progresses.

The Bureau of Meteorology is forecasting temperatures to drop below zero tomorrow morning across the region.

Meteorologist Kev Hutchins has ruled out the possibility of any sleet or snow.

Higgins Storm Chasing is also ruling out snow this weekend.

Instead, Jeff Higgins is forecasting widespread frost to blanket the region tomorrow.

"Don't get out of bed early on Sunday!," he wrote on the Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook page.

"While Saturday morning will be freezing cold Sunday morning is forecast to be very white with widespread frosts across South East and Southern inland QLD."

Monday could be even colder still, with cloud and showers make for a cold, wet and miserable start to the week.

Any rain would further add to the Warwick's record wet June, with more than 100mm falling so far.

9mm was recorded in the 24hours to 9am yesterday, pushing the total for the month to 101.4mm.

Mr Hutchins said he wouldn't rule out similar rainfall totals on Monday.

"It won't be a deluge by any means," he said.

"I don't think we can expect anything more than 3 to 4mm."

So far this June, Warwick has recorded its highest June maximum temperature on record and its wettest June day on record.

The Rose City is yet to record a temperature below zero this month.

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