YOUR SAY: Booing of Cherry-Evans was completely unfair

WHY was Daly Cherry-Evans booed at Suncorp? He stayed within the rules.

I believe Daly intended to come to the Titans as he said, buying a home ready for his move.

This is what he and his wife were looking forward to.

Then what changed for him? Perhaps six Titans players being charged with cocaine possession?

His friend, Nate Miles, who went house hunting for Daly, then suddenly decides to leave the Titans himself. What did he know to cause his unexpected departure?

Every elite footballer, once their playing days are over, are yesterday's heroes.

A few forge a job in the football arena or media. The others are like elite animals in racing - thrown on the rubbish heap.

Clubs are not loyal to players. If they were, Sam Thaiday would not be fighting for a contract.

Ben Barber and Josh Hoffman would not have had contracts treated as if null and void.

At the end of the day, Daly has done what is best for his family for the long term. He will move his family back to Brisbane when the time is right.




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