IN COURT: Aaron Peter Walker.
IN COURT: Aaron Peter Walker. Contributed

Bundy teen 'fly-kicks' man, 60, in car park attack

A TEENAGER who "fly kicked" a 60-year-old man to the chest after he was "berated" for running through a shopping centre car park has been placed on probation, with a magistrate conceding the 18-year-old "probably didn't start" the confrontation.

Aaron Peter Walker appeared in Bundaberg Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty to one count of serious assault on a person over 60.

The court heard about 6.30pm on August 24 last year the victim was walking across the pedestrian crossing towards his car in the car park of Coles Kensington when Walker jumped out of a car and ran towards him - and the shops - at speed.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt told the court the victim yelled at Walker to "stop running" as he ran past and entered the centre.

As Walker went inside to make his purchases, the victim continued towards the car Walker had exited and spoke to Walker's girlfriend, who was sitting inside the vehicle.

Snr Const Blunt said as Walker came out of the shops he saw the victim at his car and ran about 50m towards his car, jumped and "fly kicked" the victim in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground and graze his elbows.

A short struggle ensued before passers-by intervened and broke the pair up.

In admitting his guilt, Walker conceded he didn't act reasonably to the situation, the court heard.

In his defence, lawyer Nick Larter said Walker had a number of medical conditions, including ADHD and autism that probably explained his inappropriate over-reaction upon seeing his girlfriend being "berated and chastised" by the victim.

But Mr Larter said Walker at no time tried to hide from his behaviour and voluntarily gave his name to witnesses, who subsequently passed it on to police.

He said Walker's youth, lack of criminal history and good work ethic were also mitigating circumstances.

In sentencing Walker, Magistrate Neil Lavaring told him "You probably didn't start this, it was the victim for chastising you" and opted not to record a conviction against the teenager.

But he did place Walker on probation for six months.

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