UPDATE: 12.10pm: A FORMER resident of a home destroyed by fire this morning said he moved out because he was sick of finding strangers in his backyard.

Nathan Doorey lived in the house almost two years and had only moved out  four weeks ago.

"I got sick of people trekking through my backyard to use it as a shortcut," he said.

"Even with two dogs that didn't stop them.

"I had noticed the loungeroom lights flickered a lot and there was no safety breaker when I first moved in.

"So I got the real estate agent to put one in as I have a two-year-old son.

"I'm feeling very lucky that I moved out when I did."

Forensics officers are now on-site investigating the burned-out home.

A house was destroyed by fire in Boronia Crescent, Casino at around early this morning.
A house was destroyed by fire in Boronia Crescent, Casino at around early this morning. Samantha Elley

INITIAL REPORT: A HOUSE in Casino has been extensively damaged by fire this morning.

A spokesman from NSW Fire and Rescue said a Casino crew was called to the Boronia Crescent property just after 4.30am.

The single level cottage was severely damaged in the blaze, with the roof partially collapsed.

A neighbour reported hearing what sounded like a break-in shortly before the fire started.

Telicia Temu, who lives next to the burned house, said she and her husband heard smashing windows before the fire started.

"My husband woke up when he heard a smashing window," she said.

"It sounded like someone was breaking in.

"Then he woke me up when we could smell smoke and heard the alarm system in the house going off."

Richmond Local Area Command duty officer, Rob Hindle, said police investigators would arrive at the scene this morning.

"There is major damage to the home," he said.

"It's understood no-one has been living in the property for a couple of weeks, so there were no injuries, and the homes on either side were not damaged."

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