Dash cam footage
Dash cam footage

CBD dash cam footage makes it to top 10 videos in Aus

WATCH THE VIDEO: If anyone needs more proof that Toowoomba is home to bad drivers, here it is.

Dash Cam Owners Australia has compiled a list of the best moments caught on dash cam in 2016 and a Toowoomba incident made it onto the list, coming in at number nine. 

As the year is drawing to a close, the owners of the site thought it appropriate to compile a list of the best and most viewed videos.

The Toowoomba incident was one of those rare, actually hilarious moments caught on camera.

It also made it to television networks all around Australia.

The video of a truck battling it out with traffic lights on the corner of James and Ruthven Sts has amassed more than one million views.

It was captured in September and caught the moment a truck collided with a set of traffic lights.

The truck was turning onto Ruthven St when it couldn't quite make it around the bend.

It drove straight into the middle island traffic light three times before realising it wasn't getting through.

The light and pole can be seen wobbling with the weight of the truck behind it.

The truck then reversed and attempted the manoeuvre again, this time just making it past the light.

See the top 10 here.

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