Charleville police’s stern words for complacent drivers

CHARLEVILLE police are urging local road users to stay vigilant and attentive during the school holiday season.

Traffic accidents can be hard-hitting experience for many police officers and they’ve spoken out about the importance of road safety.

“For police and other emergency services, that complacency is quickly dispelled when we go to our next serious traffic accident,” Charleville Police said.

“For many road users, that complacency is also dispelled, too late, after they have been involved in a traffic accident.

“Too late, because it usually means someone is injured or dead, someone close to you.

“For emergency services personnel working in remote and rural areas, we deal with victims often known to us and sometimes they are people we know well as friends.

“You might think that the police officer issuing a ticket for speeding, lacks understanding and could be more lenient, but you need to walk in his shoes when he delivers the message about a seriously injured person or when they have to deliver that worst of all news, that someone has died.

“These same police officers are the ones that help fire fighters and ambulance officers remove the broken bodies of the injured and dying and sometimes are ones that hold their hands to comfort the victims.”

Traffic accidents are very personal experiences to emergency service personnel and police are urging that people check their vehicles are roadworthy, drive at a speed to suit the conditions, wear a seatbelt, don’t drive tired and never drive over the alcohol limit.

Charleville Western Times

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