Wayne Terrence Juniper
Wayne Terrence Juniper

Charleville rapper in court for trying to deal weed to mates

A Charleville man with ambitions of being a YouTube rapper has been caught by police trying to deal marijuana to two of his phone contacts.

The Magistrates Court heard Wayne Terrence Juniper, 36, sent texts to a person he knew from high school which were suspected to be part of a drug deal in the period between August 5 and November 5, 2020.

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Juniper then tried to call one of his mates on January 27, 2021 but after a few failed attempts, texted ‘Yo [name]... I got that weed for you bro.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court police seized Juniper’s phone on February 1, and they found the messages.

Wayne Terrence Juniper
Wayne Terrence Juniper

Magistrate Peter Saggers queried Sergeant Boodnikoff whether Juniper actually supplied marijuana, or only offered to supply.

“There’s no evidence to suggest the supply occurred,” Sergeant Boodnikoff replied.

“During the search of the residence, the defendant was asked if there’s anything he’d like to declare,” Sergeant Boodnikoff said.

“He indicated to police that under a table in the living room, there were items that were used in the past to smoke cannabis.”

Juniper told police at the time he hadn’t used marijuana in a few months, although he has in the past.

Police then found keys in Juniper’s house that belonged to a Charleville pub for the pokies machines.

“The defendant indicated to police that he knew the [pub] had been subject to break and enters,” Sergeant Boodnikoff told the court.

“He suspected the keys were taken during one of those and dropped on the sidewalk.”

Juniper told police he found them on the footpath during August or September 2020.

Solicitor Chelsea Saldumbide said Juniper seems to be a ‘very talented musician’ and used to be a DJ at Cairns, but he’s been suffering from mental health issues.

The court heard he is the victim of an alleged grievous bodily harm, which is currently being dealt with.

“That’s causing some ongoing trauma in respect to his rehabilitation,” Ms Saldumbide said.

Juniper told the court he’s being treated for his medical conditions and he hasn’t been doing drugs in a while.

“I’m a rapper now,” Juniper said.

“Me and my best mate are working on a YouTube channel.”

Magistrate Saggers told him to look after his physical and mental health.

Juniper pleaded guilty on March 9 to two counts of supplying drugs, possessing a phone used in commission of a crime, possession of suspected stolen property, and possessing drug utensils.

He was fined $1000 with no conviction recorded, and was ordered to forfeit some of the items, but was allowed to keep the phone for medical reasons.

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