Charleville state school to receive tech upgrade

TECHNOLOGY RULES: Gabby Rylie and Destiny Holley with one of the school iPads.
TECHNOLOGY RULES: Gabby Rylie and Destiny Holley with one of the school iPads. Andrew Messenger

CHARLEVILLE State School has been donated 20 iPad Minis care of the world-famous Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, education advocate and victim of the Taliban Malala Yousafzai.

Sort of.

They are part of a prize competition held in conjunction with a bio of Malala, administrated by the Independent Cinema Association of Australia.

Laura Jones, who won the competition after a screening in Brisbane, happened to have been studying the school for a uni assignment.

She hadn’t really heard of the town before watching a Small Town Culture video on YouTube.

“To me I thought Charleville was a disadvantaged school,” she said.

Her study came up with the same conclusion, after looking at demographics and income in the community. That’s why she donated her prize here, to help out.

“I’m just so excited to see what they will do with it; technology can be such a powerful tool for teaching.”

She said she would consider Charleville as a school to teach at when she graduates.

The iPads, valued at nearly $8000, come at just the right time for the school, according to principal Peter Cuskelly.

“I only heard about it the other day, it’s sort of a mystery package really,” Mr Cuskelly said.

“We’re re-doing our iPads at the moment, so they’re all optimised for learning and they can’t be manipulated by kids and they’re going to be managed really efficiently

“So getting another 20 more to add to the fleet is really going to help our kids.

“It’s a massive windfall for our school.”

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