Ann Bruton and Miriam Blythe show off their medals for shooting
Ann Bruton and Miriam Blythe show off their medals for shooting Ann Bruton

Charleville's sharp shooters on target

SHOOTING: Fine margins make or break the competition in target sports, which is something Ann Bruton knows well.

The long-time shooter's experience paid off at the recent state championships at Belmont where she won gold for the A-grade benchrest rifle event and another gold as the overall winner for the weekend of competition.

Fellow Charleville Rifle Club member Miriam Blythe joined Ms Bruton at the state championships, taking out silver in the A-grade and overall.

When the scores were tallied, Ms Bruton said she was incredibly proud of her friend and team mate for overcoming some of the challenges in shooting.

"We had both been dropped a grade about 12 months ago because our shooting went off.

"So, at this event, Miriam went up a couple of steps to compete in the A-grade,” she said.

"She shot so well and was very pleased with her score - a personal best.”

The benchrest event requires the finest margins of precision and, while Ms Bruton won the event, she remained adamant that there was room for improvement.

"I've been shooting for a long time and have shot better in that event, so I could have finished with a higher score.

"But not to worry, a win is still a win and I'm pleased with that,” she said.

"Everyone makes blues and mistakes.

"Sometimes you come away from a shoot, happy with what you've scored, and sometimes you think you could have done a little bit better.

"Really it's the kind of sport where you never stop learning.”

The competition in Brisbane was a little different to what the ladies are used to at home.

The Brisbane International Shooting Centre offered them a chance to use computerised rifles, which aren't widely used at smaller clubs, Ms Bruton said.

"When we shoot out here, or at any of the smaller clubs in Queensland, we are shooting at a sheet with targets on it.

"But in Brisbane, their electronic shooting gives us one point of aim and we do 60 shots, which are recorded by the computer at our bench,” she said.

At the end of the day, the two women from Charleville were proud of their results: Miriam shot a total of 1231.1, while Ann shot 1235.1.

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