Convicted pedophile to remain behind bars

THE Attorney-General has won a case to keep a convicted Ipswich pedophile behind bars.

John Robert Bragg has been ordered to remain in jail after he lost his bid to be released under "exceptional circumstances".

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Mr Bragg was placed on a dangerous prisoner supervision order in 2007 when he was released from jail.

But he allegedly breached these orders last year when a woman came forward and claimed he had been stalking her while she worked in a shop.

He was charged with stalking and a court made a restraining order against him but the prosecution did not continue with the case.

Mr Bragg's barrister Janice Crawford said on Wednesday that he should be released from jail because the criminal case did not continue.

Ms Crawford also said Mr Bragg had been in jail for 13 months and that the Attorney-General's office was still preparing its case against him and it was unclear how long this would take.

The court also heard the woman who accused him of stalking did not want to give evidence.

But barrister Jeff Rolls, representing the Attorney-General, said Mr Bragg had a criminal history which included assault, indecent assault against a 13-year-old and assaults with intention to rape.

"The offending behaviour has been attacks on women," Mr Rolls said.

Mr Rolls said medical and psychiatric reports, which he tendered, showed Mr Bragg was allegedly a high risk of sexual reoffending with possible violence.

He also said there were other witnesses who could give evidence in the stalking case against Mr Bragg.

Justice James Douglas said he had not seen any evidence from Mr Bragg that challenged the woman's claims that he stalked her.

He also said Mr Bragg had agreed to the restraining order and that could indicate "some form of admission".

He dismissed Mr Bragg's application to be released and said the man had not proved he warranted being released under exceptional circumstances.


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