Coroner finds Toowoomba doctors killed by warhead on MH17

Jill and Roger Guard were killed in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy.
Jill and Roger Guard were killed in the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 tragedy.

A NSW coroner has found the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash disaster was caused by an exploding warhead.

Magistrate Michael Barnes was investigating the crash which killed 298 people, including Toowoomba doctors Roger and Jill Guard.

He was specifically looking into the six passengers from NSW.

Magistrate Barnes found the deaths were caused as a result of a high altitude aircraft disintegration caused by the detonation of a warhead.

"The fatal injuries were inflicted as a result of a person or persons who has or have not yet been identified, deliberately firing a missile equipped with an exploding warhead at the jetliner in which the deceased persons were passengers, causing it to disintegrate at high altitude," he ruled.

The plane was carrying 15 crew members and 283 passengers - a total of 298 persons.

All of them died in the crash.

Among them were 27 Australian citizens, one dual citizen, 10 permanent residents of Australia and three people with close ties to Australia.

Many of the victims were from The Netherlands and the country has led investigations.

The Dutch Safety Board has concluded that flight MH17 was shot down by a Buk missile system.

The interim findings of a criminal investigation also point to that conclusion.

Magistrate Barnes found the Buk missile was designed and manufactured in Russia and was of a type known to be used in the Ukraine conflict zone.

The plane was shot down while it was flying at 33,000 feet near the Ukrainian and Russian border.

The Guards were sitting at very back of the plane on the right-hand side.

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