Caleb Maraku walked from court laughing.
Caleb Maraku walked from court laughing.

Kiwi coward-puncher thrown out of Australia

A KIWI who escaped a jail sentence for coward-punching a teenager is about to be deported back to New Zealand.

Caleb Maraku, 19, walked from a Gold Coast court last month laughing and taking selfies with TV reporters after he was sentenced to 12-months probation and ordered to pay $361 for the sickening attack.

Maraku and two of his friends were out in Surfers Paradise for Schoolies last year when the group attacked Taliesin O'Meara, also 19, in the early hours of November 27.

Maraku's behaviour after he left the courthouse drew the ire of much of Australia.

Kerry Foley, a professional boxer from New South Wales, challenged the teenager to a physical charity fight and a petition calling for Maraku's deportation amassed close to 50,000 signatures in less than a month.


The Australian Border Force also noticed - showing up to Maraku's Gold Coast home to take him into custody and start the teenager's deportation process.

A Current Affairwas there with Border Force officers, asking Maraku if he wanted to "smile for the cameras".

But the handcuffed New Zealander wasn't in the mood, telling the reporter to "f**k off".

Maraku has lived in Australia for six years but will now be sent back to New Zealand.

Maraku is walked out by Border Force officers.
Maraku is walked out by Border Force officers.

Taliesin O'Meara, the Gold Coast teenager who was hit by Maraku, was trying to help one of his female friends when he was ganged up on.

The entire assault was caught on video, showing the victim backing away from the three boys after one of Maraku's friends kicks him.

While Mr O'Meara is looking at the person who kicked him, Maraku punches him in the side of the head, knocking him out cold as he slams on to the pavement.

Maraku was charged with one count of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of contravention of a banning order. Following his sentence last month, the 19-year-old has been slammed for his behaviour.

After Maraku was filmed smiling and laughing out the front of court, the victim's mother Tasha Tadrew took to Facebook to express shock over the sentence.

"This is the low life that hit my son and is now walking away with a 12-month suspended sentence and laughing in the process," she wrote.

"Where is the justice? For my son who is still suffering, for his family and friends that are still suffering? My heart is heaving and I am beyond furious … this is not OK. This is not what was meant to happen."

The teenager was punched by Maraku on a night out for Schoolies.
The teenager was punched by Maraku on a night out for Schoolies.

Earlier this month, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton was on Ray Hadley's radio show when he received a call from a thankful father.

Brisbane dad Steve Miller lost his son Cole in 2016 when he was coward punched by a New Zealander Renata Armstrong in Fortitude Valley. Cole later died from his head injuries.

Armstrong was sentenced to seven years jail in October last year and his accomplice Daniel Maxwell was given an 18-month suspended sentence. Both men are from New Zealand.

When Mr Miller realised Maxwell had walked free from court, the grieving father put in a call to Mr Dutton's office.

The Home Affairs Minister has taken a hard line tactic against foreigners committing crimes in Australia, deporting thousands of people for criminal offences.

Mr Miller told the radio station he contacted Mr Dutton's Canberra office and left a message for the Minister who called him back at 4.30pm the same day.

He said Mr Dutton immediately got on to Queensland Police and Border Force who had taken Maxwell into custody by 6.30pm that night and he was held for deportation to New Zealand.

"I'd like to thank Peter Dutton for that, he didn't know me from a bar of soap," Mr Miller told Hadley, before breaking down in tears.

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