A bush camouflage head mask similar to the one worn by the Central Coast attacker.
A bush camouflage head mask similar to the one worn by the Central Coast attacker.

The creepy costume of NSW attacker hunting girls

HE looks like a monster from a horror movie but the terror he has caused a girl and a teenager is all too real.

Police are hunting a man who raped a 12-year-old schoolgirl and attacked an 18-year-old while dressed in a camouflage suit, mask and gloves which not only hid his identity but transformed him into the stuff of nightmares.

He allegedly bound, gagged and raped a 12-year-old girl who was walking to school about 7.45am on May 15 in Narara on the Central Coast.

The girl was grabbed from behind on a pathway and taken into nearby bushland where she was bound with cable ties and raped.

Somehow the girl escaped and ran to her school and ­reported the attack that occurred on a pathway ­between Reeves and ­Carrington streets.

She was taken to hospital and later described the man's outfit, a military or hunting-style "3D, leafy ghillie suit", and the style of his attack.

His rape kit consists of a "3D, leafy ghillie suit", a backpack containing cable ties, gloves and a balaclava-style camouflage mask.

Police fear he is stalking the Narara area after the ­second attack, where the man allegedly grabbed an 18-year-old woman about 4.30pm on June 4 at Narara Railway Station.

The woman walked along Narara Valley Dr and into the laneway leading to Koninderie Pde, when she was approached from behind and grabbed around the neck, police said.

She kicked back and broke free and sprinted toward Koninderie Pde, calling out for help as she ran.

The woman called ­triple-000 and reported seeing the man walk away toward Narara Valley Dr.

Both victims described the attacker as being aged in his mid-20s, about 175-180cm tall, with a chubby build, grey-blond hair, and blue eyes.

They also described various items of camouflage clothing worn by him.

Detectives from the State Crime Command's Sex Crimes Squad, assisted by Brisbane Water Local Area Command and the Child Abuse Squad, are hunting the man under an investigation called Strike Force Garawan.

Detectives also believe the man involved in the incidents would be very familiar with the Narara area and have urged members of the public not to approach him.

Sex Crimes Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, urged the community to call triple-0 if they see the man.

"The clothing was described as a 3D, leafy ghillie suit, which is quite distinct, but it is widely available and may not necessarily have been purchased at the same time - or even purchased recently," she said.

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