Charleville courthouse court generic
Charleville courthouse court generic

C’ville man ordered to buy new mailbox after tantrum

A man has had to pay for a new mailbox to be shipped out to Charleville from Bunnings after an enraged tantrum out the front of a local home.

Nathan James Wilson had an argument with a family member on Margaret Street because he believed he had been wrongfully accused of taking items from his grandparents, the Charleville Magistrates Court heard on March 9.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff said Wilson threatened to ‘smash’ the occupant’s partner, who was standing in the yard during the incident at 12.23pm, February 7.

“The defendant stood on the footpath, yelling and swearing... whilst waving his arms around in an agitated manner,” Sergeant Boodnikoff said.

She said Wilson stated to police, “I pulled up with every intention to knock someone out but I never went into the yard.”

He then said to police at the time, “and that other piece of shit came out and I said, ‘get away’ or ‘I’ll knock you clean out’.”

Before he left, he punched the letter box leaving it with a ‘dented up’ lid.

Wilson did not appear in court but had sent a written plea of guilty to the court for public nuisance and wilful damage, both domestic violence offences.

Magistrate Peter Saggers said his fine will be reduced because Wilson didn’t have a chance to see the compensation amount in court.

The punishment was a $450 fine, $50 compensation for a new Bunnings letterbox (including shipping to Charleville), but Wilson escaped having the conviction recorded.

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