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Workshop for parents advocating for special needs kids

Lisa Bridle faced many moments of anxiety as her son, who has Down syndrome, went through the school system, and even had to face many educators and support staff expressing their negative outlook for his future.

Sean, now 26, was only offered to attend state preschool part-time, for one hour per week.

"That felt like a really big rejection," Ms Bridle said, and it was the period in Sean's childhood she was most anxious.

"In high school, it's certainly where I most had to advocate for him because the school didn't feel that they knew how to support him."

She felt distressed and confused at this time, but both of their positive outlooks led Sean to a good outcome.

He attended school camps and rugby programs in high school, and currently lives on his own.

"He left school with a really good group of friends," Ms Bridle said.

"He went on to… live in his own home and have kind of paid work in employment."

Now, the 56-year-old Brisbane-based mum who grew up in Dalby is headed west to provide a workshop for students, parents, and educators who want to network with others in the disability community and develop a more positive mindset.

As the senior consultant for the Community Resources Unit, she wishes to use her first-hand experience to teach others to advocate for the community

"The crew is statewide disability organisation that helps people with disabilities, families, and services to work for greater community inclusion for people with disabilities," she said.

The Inclusive Education: Working Effectively with Your Child's School program will be held in Charleville on March 2 for anyone wanting to learn how to better advocate for their kids with disabilities.

Ms Bridle will give some of her insight at the event at the RSL from 9.15am to 2.30pm.


Bookings are essential. For more information, click here.

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