UPDATE: Little Indie Fitzgerald has attracted the attention of Australia fitness "expert", Ashy Bines and potentially the more than two million people who like her on Facebook.

Indie's mum, Bec, said after the family's story appeared on the Sunshine Coast Daily website, Ashy had contacted her for a quick Snapchat.

Ashy also has 800,000 followers on Snapchat.

It's been a great day for the Fitzgerald family as not only has Indie, who has terminal genetic condition, been allowed home from hospital, her little sister Ivy turned two.

"We were able to leave Nambour Hospital and come home," Mrs Fitzgerald said.

Plans for Ivy's birthday celebrations had been put on hold because Indie had such a sudden health turn earlier in the week, with family fearing the worst.

But last minute preparations helped make the day special anyway.

"We went to the Plaza ," Mrs Fitzgerald said.

"We are about to decorate cupcakes and have dinner with the family."

Indie with mum and dad, Bec and Dean Fitzgerald
Indie with mum and dad, Bec and Dean Fitzgerald PatrickWoods

Four-and-a-half year old Indie was her "normal placid self" and appeared to be enjoying seeing her little sister and cousin running around.

Mrs Fitzgerald is not certain how much money has been donated to help the family cope with the competing demands of dealing with a sick child and making ends meet.

"I've tried not to sit on the phone and spend the day with the girls," she said.

But many more people are following Indie's story on social media.

EARLIER: One little girl is preparing to die, the other little girl only has a few weeks more sleeps until Christmas.

Woombye parents Dean and Bec Fitzgerald are struggling to meet the needs of both their children.

They also have rent to pay, bills that keep adding up and only one casual income.

Every day Dean has to decide whether he will spend precious final moments with his sick little girl, or earn an income to pay the bills.


Indie (left) and Ivy Fitzgerald
Indie (left) and Ivy Fitzgerald PatrickWoods

Little four-and-a-half year old Indie has a rare genetic disease called Infantile Neuraxonal Dystrophy (INaD) which progressively eats away at her brain function. It is terminal.

Already the gorgeous little girl has lost her ability to walk, talk and she can "only communicate with her eyes".

Bec said "her eyesight is also starting to go".

Indie was rushed to Nambour hospital on Monday, November 14, when she vomited.

"She only does that when she is really sick," Bec said.

"We were pretty concerned she would not make it through the night."

It's her 15th trip this year so far and her parents feared it would be the last.

A fundraiser was set up to help them pay for funeral costs on Monday.

Thankfully, the little trooper pulled through and should be able to go home to celebrate her little sister Ivy's second birthday today.

Ivy didn't inheret the genetic condition and is a healthy, active toddler.

Dean only gets paid the days he goes to work.

And as the bills mount up, he has to balance the desire to be with his sick first born and the need to earn an income.

Dean had to rush home from work on Monday, but he had to go back on Wednesday, while Indie was still in hospital as "we need the income".

Even though Indie should get to go home, Bec is fatalistic about her future.

"It is going to happen eventually (death), we are preparing ourselves," she said.

"She is deteriorating quickly. She has lost most of her movement."

Indie was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 2014 when she wasn't meeting developmental milestones.

A year later and a week before Bec and Dean got married, they found out her condition was far worse.

A bank account has been created to help Bec and Dean meet all their costs.

If you can help a family spend time with their child and make Christmas one to remember, donate to Indie Fitzgerald, Commonwealth Bank, BSB: 064239, Account number: 10083874.

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