Rockhampton driving instructor dash cam reckless driving

Rockhampton driver smashes into two petrol bowsers

A DRIVER may have avoided a set of traffic lights by taking a short cut, but he ended up smashing into two petrol bowsers instead.

Earlier this week, a driver was seen trying to avoid a wait of a few seconds at traffic lights, cutting through the Shell service station on the corner of Musgrave and High Sts.

After crashing into the bowsers, the driver took off.

Rockhampton driving instructor Leyland Barnett is sick and tired of seeing selfish drivers take actions that put themselves and other people in danger.

"If someone had been fuelling up at the time, the driver could've wiped someone out and they put the employees in danger," Mr Barnett said.

"It's an extremely dangerous thing to do for the sake of not wanting to wait 30 seconds (at lights)."

Mr Barnett puts dangerous driving antics in Rockhampton down to drivers being selfish.

"They don't care about anyone else and they only want to get themselves from Point A to Point B," he said.

"I'd like to see more police presence on the roads, fines reviewed and everything possible to bring down the road toll.

"Crashes affect the community right through, including the people that have to go to these events; to the police having to deliver tragic messages to families, to the ambos that have to help people with horrific injuries."

Last month Mr Barnett narrowly avoided a crash when a driver looked away as they drove over a blind spot on a hill; and he also witnessed someone driving on a footpath.

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