WATCH: Gladstone ‘deaf’ dope user gets a Doc for proof

LORTAR Herrmann, who says he suffers industrial deafness and back pain, has been using cannabis for over 20 years to help with his health issues.

The 64-year-old disability pensioner smokes the drug nightly and invites people over to his place to smoke, but was told by a Gladstone magistrate to bring in medical evidence from his doctor to support his claim that it helps with his health problems.

After over 20 years of using the drug, Herrmann pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to possession of cannabis at Calliope on March 10; possession of drug utensils; and permitting the use of his place by others for drug taking.

Lortar Herrmann, 64, said he's been smoking cannabis for 20 years.
Lortar Herrmann, 64, said he's been smoking cannabis for 20 years.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said police went to his caravan park site in Stowe Rd and found inside a clip seal bag with green leaf, Herrmann saying "it's my cannabis, I smoke it nightly".

"He says he regularly invites people to his residence to smoke cannabis. He was told it is an offence."

Mr Reece said the officers also found a plastic milk bottle, a green piece of hose and a cone piece that held burnt cannabis.

Herrmann told the officers he suffers industrial deafness and back pain and smokes cannabis to help.

Magistrate Mark Morrow said his criminal history shows he has used cannabis since at least 1995 with court appearances.

Lawyer Jun Pepito sought probation for his client.

Mr Morrow said the previous court punishments did not seem to be working and he queried if Herrmann was using the drug for medical reasons that he says he was suffering.

"I need medical evidence to support that," he said.

Herrmann, who seemed very keen to oblige the court, said he would be able to get this from his doctor this week.

"If you don't provide it, I won't accept it, to put it bluntly," Mr Morrow said. "A lot of people come before the court saying they take cannabis for medical reasons but have nothing to support their claim from a doctor."

Mr Morrow made it clear that if he wanted to use that medical reason as a mitigating factor then he must produce the supporting evidence.

He gave Herrmann until Thursday afternoon to produce the medical material before sentencing him.

"I'm a member of the Australian Hemp Party. I'm using it for medical reasons, I have industrial deafness," he said outside court.

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