Emerald 'soccer mum' jailed for $159,000 soccer club fraud

EX-EMERALD soccer mum Denice Salogni stole more than $150,000 from the Emerald Eagles Soccer Club between 2011 and 2012, and now the ex-Emerald woman has been sentenced to jail in a Townsville court.

The Townsville Bulletin reported that Salogni appeared on a string of fraud charges.

"The court heard Salogni set up an account shortly after being elected treasurer which she used to transfer money from the club's bank account into her own, totalling $159,045,"

The Bulletin wrote. "She was later questioned by the club's president about more than $80,000 in unpaid bills.

"She assured him the club would have the income to cover the amount.

"Based on Salogni's assurances, the president paid the bills out of his own pocket before he later realised the club didn't have the funds to reimburse him because of her fraudulent behaviour.

"She also borrowed $4000 from another member of the club, knowing that she would not be able to pay the money back.

"Crown Prosecutor Jacob Robson said the club had been in a healthy financial position after a $35,000 grant to repair flood damage.

"However, the club's funds were quickly drained by Salogni.

"She essentially treated the club's finances as her own through the 12 months that this fraud occurred," Robson said.

Salogni was charged with fraud, dishonestly obtaining property from another, fraud and fraud dishonest application of property of another.

The Bulletin reported that Judge John Baulch handed her a sentence of seven years and set a parole eligibility date of June 13, 2017, as she has served 253 days in pre-sentence custody.

Salogni cried as she was led from the court.

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