SAY WHAT? Di Thorley.
SAY WHAT? Di Thorley. Kevin Farmer

Di Thorley shoots down those One Nation rumours

SHE stirred things up in last year's Toowoomba South by-election but Di Thorley has all but ruled out a tilt at politics again.

Unless her "principles are challenged", and even then it definitely won't be with One Nation.

The often-controversial former mayor of Toowoomba and strong contender for Toowoomba South scoffed at rumours she was considering joining a party, especially One Nation.

"Anybody would be silly to think I would join a party," Ms Thorley said.

Ms Thorley has never belonged to any political party in her long career in public office.

In local government she first ran as a councillor then on to mayor without party backing, and declared she wouldn't spend more than three terms in the top job.

When she took on the Liberal National Party in Toowoomba South last year it was again without party backing, and weathered an antagonistic campaign against David Janetzki.

"I would have that thought whoever was making up these rumours they had more to worry about," Ms Thorley said.

"Last year was a point of principle.

"If my principles are not stirred up then I'm a pretty easy-going person."

The Chronicle was last week contacted by residents with the rumour, seeking validation the former mayor would run.

Ms Thorley also shot down speculation she had been approached by the LNP and Labor to run in the next election, and ruled out any chance in the federal arena.

"I was approached when I was mayor but I'm not interested in state or federal politics," she said.

"I like it here at the coal face."

She said family was her main concern at present but if she did throw her hat back in the political arena, it would be as an independent.

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