Jimmy Barnes ... what was he really singing?
Jimmy Barnes ... what was he really singing?

Did he sing ‘cheap wine and a three legged goat’?

THE votes are in and the tally has been counted, the most misheard song line for Bundaberg community members is Cold Chisels' Cheap Wine.

Jim Kent started a frenzy on the NewsMail's Facebook page when he admitted he thought Jimmy Barnes of Cold Chisel was singing "cheap wine and a 3 day grope" when the line is in fact "cheap wine and a three day growth".

Brandy Bayntun and Shanna Purcell both agreed the song had them stumped too and each thought the line was, "cheap wine and a three legged goat".

For Craig Walsh, he misheard the line as "cheap wine and a cheap egg roll" while Josh Rise thought the line was, "cheap wine and three legged hoe".

But that's not the only tune that's got Bundaberg tongue tied.

John Rice thought Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, while singing "here we are now, entertain us" was actually singing "here we are now, in containers".

What song have you famously fumbled?

Here's what you said:

Metallica, Enter Sandman. "Of things that will bite" becomes "Of baked apple pie". Warning, once you've heard this, you can't un-hear it.

Luke Orreal

"I just need a pair of pants", "Bad Romance", Lady Gaga, and I thought, yeah, or maybe a skirt occasionally.

Matty Moo

"Big old jet airliner" (Steve Miller Band, Jet Airliner) I thought was, "Big old Jed had a light on".

Kristy Wick

Not sure on the artist but kids crack up cause I thought the artist was singing "A pair of shoes", instead of "Parachute" (Timomatic).

Amy Wilson

"Our Lips are Sealed" by the Veronicas, "Alex the seal".

Cassy Ryan

"(No time for losers cause), we are the champions", I used to think it said "No time for loo time coz we are the champions".

Sarah Spence

"Sweet nothing" (Calvin Harris), "Sexy elephants".

Tegan Weiss

Beautiful people by Australian Crawl. Always thought it was, "doo-be-doo-be-boom". My partner told me last year, we both nearly died laughing. Needless to say that's how I still sing it because it rolls off my tongue better.

Kaylene Stone

Parachute, Timomatic. "With somebody like you, somebody like you. Baby, I don't need a pair of shoes".

Kellie Chanoff

ACDC, Dirty Deeds used to think was, "Dirty deeds, dunder sheep" and always would question, what's a dunder sheep?

Anie Hollands

That stupid Blue song by Eiffel 65, we used to sing "I'm blue, if I was a queen I would die" (don't ask me how we got that). Only recently found out it's "I'm blue da ba dee da ba die".

Rachel Webb

Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch.. It should be, "I'm living on such sweet nothing", but a lot of people used to sing, "I'm living on sexy gherkins". Just listen to it next time it's on and you will hear it.

Judy Cairns

ACDC, Done Dirt Cheap, I always thought it was "Gun the Sheep".

Erin Larsen

Here we are now; Entertain us, Nirvana. Thought it was, "Here we are now, in containers"

Josh Rice

"Our lips are sealed", "I love Cecile".

Tamara Locke

Beautiful people by Aussie Crawl was always taken as "You, two will be born". I'm not sure even James knew quite what his lyric was.

Greg Frampton

I thought Lady Gaga's song was "Poke her face" my best mate thought Pearl Jam, Nothing Man, was "Muffin Man", until yesterday.

Brendon Davies

My Angel is a Centrefold; I thought for years as a kid that they were singing "My Angel is a Telephone"

Tanya Sinnott

Paparazzi, I thought was "Pappa Loves Me."

Trudi Sutton

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