The Walking Dead finale left me feeling underwhelmed.
The Walking Dead finale left me feeling underwhelmed.

REVIEW: Feeling betrayed by The Walking Dead finale

IF YOU have not seen the latest episode of The Walking Dead then you should probably read no further.

This rant is going to be rife with spoilers and I wouldn't want to ruin the show for anyone - although the writers are doing a pretty good job all by themselves.

Then again maybe you should read it, just to save yourself some time. Because by the end of the season finale, you will be little closer to knowing who dies by Negan's barbed-wire covered baseball bat than you are right now.

And that, my friend, is seriously frustrating.

I've hung in there all season, waiting for the series to get good again.

The first three seasons were no-holds-barred, edge of your seat entertainment.

I honestly thought any television program would have a hard time keeping up with The Walking Dead because the intensity and sense of suspense in every episode was palpable in those early seasons.

Now I feel the writers have lost their way and it's frustrating me more and more.

There have been so many missteps this season.

Daryl, a fan favourite, has been neglected. We don't know what impact losing his eye has had on Carl.

We had the baffling decision to stage Glenn's death not once but twice this season only to miraculously have him survive, albeit unconvincingly.

We never see Judith, so long a beacon of hope for the show. Carol has gone from being a warrior to someone who doesn't want to fight anymore.

Morgan's arc has also been frustrating. I loved the episode that featured him coming to terms with his humanity again and revealed why he had become reluctant to kill others.

Done properly, it would have been moving and Morgan's arrival could have explained the change in Carol's outlook.

But the way the writers have handled his renewed commitment to life and forgiveness has been grating and sanctimonious. His views also look stupid when his desire not to kill is shown alongside the group's very real fight to survive.

Many people thought the arrival of Negan would give the season more direction.

And it was of course leading to a momentous murder from the comics, where Glenn, who has been with the show since the first episode, is bludgeoned to death by Negan's bat in gruesome fashion.

Of course there was ongoing speculation that it may not be Glenn who met his end in the television series, which added to the intrigue.

Unfortunately instead of creating a horrific and iconic moment, the writers decided to end with a cliffhanger, leaving us hanging until Season 7.

I'm not one of those people who rejoice in seeing characters, especially those I've come to care about, killed off.

But as far as I'm concerned, once they had committed to doing it, the writers should have followed through and revealed the victim and the gory glory of Negan in the final episode of this season.

I can't believe they messed that up.

I honestly feel betrayed and judging by other comments on social media I'm not alone.

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