BLOKES ADVICE? ‘Disrespectful’ male Facebook group exposed

A MEN-ONLY Facebook group where men have described women as "pigs" and called for a ban on women coming within a metre radius of men unless they are performing sexual acts has been slammed by a campaign group against domestic violence.

One man has described the Blokes Advice group as being a place where "we talk sh**, post tits & ass and shame sluts".

"True brotherhood" another member replied.

One man wrote: "I personally I would like to say, all women are pigs and if it weren't for their vaginas, a**holes, mouths and cooking a and cleaning skills that they are born with. There would be no need to the woman kind. I personally feel dirty just being around those sausage wallets. They should be a rule they can't come with in a meter radius of they aren't performing sexual acts upon us".

Another post asked other members on advice of convincing a woman to have anal sex. One person commented saying "is knocking her unconscious out?" while another said "alcohol and a sneaky usually work".

The RED HEART Campaign founder Sherele Moody shared photos of the Blokes Advice's activities and said Facebook banned her for 24 hours because of this.

Ms Moody said the Blokes Advice campaign had gained more than 23,000 followers since it started in May.

"Highlighting this feral behaviour is vital," she said, in a Facebook post.

"We must hold men with violent attitudes toward women to account at every possible turn. It's this disrespectful misogynistic banter between blokes that undermines the attitudes that allow thugs to justify and commit domestic violence in every form."

Since speaking out about the page, Ms Moody said she and The RED HEART Campaign had been slammed and had even received death threats.

She said the page had disappeared but appeared to have re-formed.


Note: The RED HEART Campaign founder Sherele Moody works for the owner of this newspaper, Australian Regional Media but her activities in this story are from her private life.

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