Donald Trump... the next US president?
Donald Trump... the next US president?

'Donald Trump will become next US president'

DONALD Trump will become the next US president while Malcolm Turnbull could call an early election, according to Aussie punters.

With the Federal Election slated for this year, the Coalition are priced at short odds of $1.10 to be returned to government, with Labor a long shot at $6.00.

70 per cent of the money has come in for the Coalition, with punters turning off Labor following the ousting of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

An election is expected to be held in August, September or October, each paying $3.20, but punters think Malcolm Turnbull may pull the trigger earlier with March ($5.50) the best backed.

National Party leader Warren Truss is expected to be the next leader to stand down, at $1.50, with Bill Shorten at $2.50, Malcolm Turnbull $21 and Richard Di Natale $26.

Tania Plibersek is the $1.90 favourite to be Labor's next leader, and 2016 is the year she is expected to do it, priced at $3.25, with 2017, 2018 and 2019 all paying $5.00.

80 per cent of punters think Tony Abbott won't contest the next election, with Sportsbet pricing him retiring at $1.70 and staying at $2.05.

In the US, Hillary Clinton ($1.07) is the odds-on favourite to win the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders ($8.00).

Marco Rubio is the $2.75 favourite to win the Republican nomination, but punters are all over Donald Trump ($3.25), with the eccentric billionaire taking more than 55 per cent of the money staked.

Clinton is favourite to win the Presidential race, at $1.72, from Trump ($6.00) and Rubio ($6.00), but it is Trump who punters want with 45 per cent of money predicting he will win.

Clinton has taken 20 per cent of the total money staked, with Bernie Sanders 18 per cent.  Just one per cent of the money is on Rubio to become the next US President.

"Punters are telling us Malcolm Turnbull will be leading Australia and Donald Trump leading the US this time next year.

'Win, lose or draw, it is going to be a big year in politics, with punters having plenty to sink their teeth into," said's Ben Bulmer.

Markets courtesy of

Federal Election Winner
$1.10   Coalition
$6.00   Labor

Month Of Federal Election

$151    January
$9.00   February
$5.50   March
$11      April
$16      May
$16      June
$16      July
$3.20   August
$3.20   September
$3.20   October
$7.50   November
$34      December
$51      January 2017

Next Leader To Go

$1.50   Warren Truss
$2.50   Bill Shorten
$21      Malcolm Turnbull
$26      Richard Di Natale

Next Labor Leader

$1.90   Tanya Plibersek
$3.00   Anthony Albanese
$6.00   Chris Bowen
$7.50   Mark Dreyfus
$9.00   Jason Clare
$11      Tony Burke

When will Plibersek Become Labor Leader

$3.25   2016
$5.00   2017
$5.00   2018
$5.00   2019
$3.00   Not before 2020

Will Tony Abbott Contest The Next Election

$1.70   No
$2.05   Yes

Republican Presidential Nomination

$2.75   Marco Rubio
$3.25   Donald Trump
$3.50   Ted Cruz
$10      Jeb Bush
$11      Carly Fiorina
$15      Chris Christie
Others quoted

Democratic Nomination

$1.07   Hillary Clinton
$8.00   Bernie Sanders
Others quoted

2016 US Presidential Election

$1.72   Hilary Clinton
$6.00   Donald Trump
$6.00   Marco Rubio
$8.00   Ted Cruz
$12      Bernie Sanders
$19      Jeb Bush
$21      Carly Fiorina
$26      Chris Christie

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