Drink up for farmers in dry times

A FROSTY beer at the end of the working week is sweet relief, but tomorrow night at the Cattle Camp Hotel, those beers are supporting relief of a different kind.

The pub is once again hosting the Let it Pour fundraiser — a nationwide initiative by Carlton United Breweries, which raises money for Rural Aid’s drought relief efforts through the sale of Great Northern schooners.

“We did it last year; it was a great initiative and worked really well here in the hotel,” hotel owner Ian Tyack said.

“We had a great night and raised a couple of thousand dollars.

“Hopefully we can do at least what we did last year, which was about $400 beers from the charity kegs.”

While Tyack and his team are hopeful of raising another $2000 for Rural Aid, the publican does acknowledge it could be a challenge.

“We are probably getting a little bit close to home with it,” Mr Tyack said.

‘We’re raising money for ourselves really, because we’re in the drought, and people here are feeling the pinch, you know.

“It is getting harder to ask people who are suffering (through the drought) to donate money.”

As well as the charity beers, the Cattle Camp will host a live band on Let It Pour night, and running a raffle (with lots of big prizes) to raise a bit of extra cash.

“The band will go right through from 8.30 ‘til midnight, and we have a monster raffle,” Tyack said.

“We’ve put together about half-a-dozen good prizes, including a big Esky worth about $600.

“When you come in, you can try to forget about the drought, and we are going to kick in and help.

“It’ll just be a good night anyway — if we raise about the same as we got last year, then fantastic, but if we get close to it, that’ll be just as good.”

Last year nationwide, the Let It Pour campaign raised more than $1 million, and this year’s funds will be distributed by Rotary Australia.

“Last year, funds were given to people who needed help with everything from feed and water for livestock to school supplies for children, repairs for their farm machinery and food for their dinner tables,” Rotary spokesman Phillip Archer said.

“They were overwhelmed and incredibly touched by the generosity of Australians in both urban and regional centres and found great comfort in their show of support as they turned out in droves to events all across the country.”

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