Photo from the Sunshine Coast Crap Parkers Facebook page.
Photo from the Sunshine Coast Crap Parkers Facebook page.

Is driver shaming on Facebook page cyber bullying?

A SOCIAL media campaign against bad parking habits has been criticised for taking vigilantism too far.

Kuluin resident Nicholaus Cooke said cyber-bullying and privacy issues had arisen from interaction with Sunshine Coast Crap Parkers Facebook page.

The page started in 2013 and has grown to having more than 14,000 likes.

Mr Cooke said online discussions of people's parking often turned sour.

"A quick read through the posts and comments on the page will show numerous examples of cyber bullying, hate speeches and car vandalism threats," Mr Cooke said.

"The administrators encourage and support this hate mentality toward bad parkers."

The page yesterday featured a post from the administrator posting "I can tell by the way you park your car I hate you" as well as others implying vandalism was a way of punishing those who had parked incorrectly.

Does a bad parking job deserve public shaming?

This poll ended on 07 July 2015.

Current Results

Yes, it will make them park better in future.


No, shaming is unnecessary and can easily lead to cyberbullying.


I wouldn't shame them myself, but at least it'll make people park better.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Mr Cooke said it seemed the Sunshine Coast was coming down with a bad case of parking rage.

"Badly parked cars have irritated us all, but at the end of the day, what can we do about it?

"The mentality portrayed across social media says we should teach the driver a lesson; perhaps running a key along the side of the car will do the job?

"Perhaps we should bully people to make them better parkers?

"This mentality is perpetuated by social media forums, like the Facebook page mentioned, and is directly fuelling our known issues with road rage."

An administrator of the site, who did not want to be named, said their resolve to highlight poor parking was undeterred.

"We have actually had people send death threats to us and our families," the administrator said.

A story the Daily ran on the site in 2013 featured comments from one of the two Sunshine Coast mums who had started the site.

The administrator said the threats had led to a change in people running the page.

"We have a huge list of banned members due to their mouths running off on the page or threatening other (people).

"Both administrators work full time jobs but we do try and get onto the page as much as possible to submit the photos daily."

The administrator said more than 200 people were banned from the page.

"What we suggest is that if you don't want to feature on our page (is) don't illegally park, don't park in a disabled car park with no permit and finally, learn to park properly."

Mr Cooke said he had reported the page to Facebook administration but was told it did not breach the company's standards.

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