WATCH: Mum's anguish after son, 8, was locked in paddy wagon

UPDATE 4:15: JANE Williams of Coraki cannot sleep as she relives the nightmare her son endured last Wednesday, locked in the back of a police paddy wagon for three hours. She talks to us about the ordeal in this video above.

Describing the moment Mundhra, 8, was released from the vehicle, she said he was shaking and crying, and that she was "hysterical" and they didn't want to let go of each other.

ORIGINAL STORY: AN INVESTIGATION has been launched into why an eight-year-old Coraki boy was left locked in the back of a police paddy wagon for almost three hours.

Jane Williams said she was at work on Wednesday when her son Mundhra and a group of boys were picked up by police for allegedly throwing rocks and eggs at a Richmond Valley Council car at the Coraki sewerage treatment plant.

"I was at work and I left my son in the care of his aunty, who lives on the Box Ridge reserve," she said.

"I got a phone call at work ... my son was put in the back of the bull wagon with my nephew, but my nephew was dropped off because he lives on the reserve.

"When that happened, three women told the police officer, 'his mother is at work and he's being looked after by his aunty'.

"The officer drove back into town and dropped the car off at the police station and went inside, leaving my poor son still locked in the back.

"Then when he got called to Evans Head for another situation he left my son locked in the paddy wagon while he jumped into another police car and went to Evans Head."

Unsure of exactly where Mundhra was, Ms Williams said family members were frantically searching around Coraki for the eight-year-old.

"I went round to the police station and was talking to a different police officer who was on duty there and I said to him, 'where is my son'," she said.

"He then got on the phone to talk to the other police officer to ask where my son was and the officer realised he was still locked in the back of the truck.

"He's taken off and left my son locked in the back of the bull wagon for nearly three hours.

"By the time we got him out of the bull wagon it was 3.30pm and he got picked up about 12.30pm.

"When he let Mundhra out in front of us I just started screaming and crying because I was so happy to see my son, and when my family heard me they came running around the corner to see what was going on."

A police spokesman said an internal police investigation was under way into the circumstances surrounding how the eight-year-old came to be left unattended in a police vehicle at Coraki.

"The incident occurred about 1.30pm Wednesday, April 13," the spokesman said.

"The child was not injured.

"Local management action has been taken.

"As the internal inquiry is ongoing, it is inappropriate to comment further."

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