Charleville courthouse.
Charleville courthouse.

Everyone ‘appearing’ in Charleville court today

EVERY month a number of people ‘appear’ in the Charleville Magistrates Court, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of everyone who is appearing in front of the Charleville Magistrates Court Monday, June 29.

  • Anderson, Billie Jean, Miss
  • Anderson, Darryl Phillip
  • Cooke, Jack Cecil Sean
  • Coveney, Jasmine
  • Coveney, Jasmine Leanne
  • Coveny, Desmond James
  • Curnow, Wesley James, Mr
  • Fisher, Edward John
  • Fraser, Raymond Floyd
  • Gallegos, Dean Daniel
  • Hallinan, Paul Alex
  • Kennedy, Colin, Mr
  • Lawton, Regina Caroline, Ms
  • Mackenzie, Gordon Duncan
  • Muller, Dean Peter
  • Pocock, Scott Helms
  • Ramsay, Jordan Kenneth
  • Reimers, Lyndon Jack
  • Rosser, Gary Allan Victor
  • Russell, Josiah John
  • Ryan, Richard Stanley, Mr
  • Shillingsworth, Isaiah Maxwell Robert
  • Taratoa, Samuel Arthur, Mr
  • Walsh, Luke
  • Walsh, Luke Thomas
  • Ward, Scott James, Mr
  • White, Ashley Maree
  • Wright, Scott Douglas, Mr

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