UPDATE: A neighbour sprang into action and attacked a house fire at Marian with a garden hose on Tuesday afternoon before waking a sleeping resident and rescuing his dog from the property.

When firefighters arrived, the fire at the Blackmur St house, which started about 12.40pm, was still smouldering, but had been contained to the garage.

Marian police Senior Constable Marshall Roper commended the man who saved the dog by putting it over the fence into his own yard, and also other neighbours, who also rushed to the garage with garden hoses in hand to douse the fire.

"It was a very lucky escape (for the resident sleeping inside). At this stage, we don't know what caused the fire, but it took place in the lock-up garage... we're very thankful neighbours smelt the smoke and were quick enough to get hoses on it and managed to put it out before the house was fully engulfed," he said.

"It's done some damage inside the garage, but no structural damage. The son was home (sleeping) and I think the neighbours woke him up and managed to get his dog to safety.

A picture of a house fire at Marian on Tuesday afternoon
A picture of a house fire at Marian on Tuesday afternoon Niki Johnson

"We're very fortunate. The fire was smouldering, due to lack of oxygen, until it blew the windows out."

Mr Roper said the resident at home at the time, thought to be an 18-year-old man, stepped on hot glass and suffered minor injuries to his foot.

Investigations into what caused the Marian fire are under way.

"At this stage we're told there was nothing plugged in there," Snr Const Roper said. "We have no idea (what caused the fire) but we believe it's non-suspicious," he said.

"And the firies will get one of their experts out to assess what may have happened."


Snr Const Roper said smoke alarms in the premises hadn't gone off, perhaps due to dead batteries.

Next-door neighbour Nadine Mahomet said her husband, who modestly decided to remain out of the public eye, leapt into action well before firefighters were at Blackmur St.

"I smelt smoke from the lounge room and I thought it was my air-conditioner ... I noticed smoke was coming out (of the neighbour's house) so we called the fire brigade," she said.

"My husband jumped over the fence and started putting it out ... rescued the dog and that was about it. I just yelled. I freaked out.

"There weren't too many flames until the glass broke and then obviously the oxygen made it come out pretty big. It was lucky my husband and a couple of other local neighbours banded together with garden hoses and got it out. We broke hoses off taps to get it done ... it was about saving the house and hoping no one got hurt."

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services personnel from Walkerston Fire Station attended the fire.

Ms Mahomet said residents needed "something more local" when it came to fighting fires in Marian and surrounds.

"If it had been worse, it would probably have been too late to save the house (by the time firefighters arrived)."


INITIAL: Firefighters are on their way to a house fire in the town centre of Marian.

The crew was called to the fire at Blackmur St about 12.40pm.

A resident who lives near the street, Niki Johnson, said the garage was fully engulfed.

"There was a person in the house but they came out to try and put out the fire," she said.

"I noticed smoke as I was returning from Woolworths. There are some trucks nearby and I thought it was them starting up, but it was the house next door," she said.

"They are moving (the trucks) out of the way for the firefighters."

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