THEY'RE the next big craze capturing teens' attention but if you haven't heard of fidget spinners yet, don't worry. You soon will.

eBay Australia data released on Thursday shows that Aussies heads are spinning for fidget spinners, not only have they grown 320 000% Year-on-Year,  they are currently the #1 trending item on site with over 600,000 searches in the past week.

These simple attention-stealing gadgets have been banned in thousands of schools across America and already some local classrooms.

The small ball-bearing toys spin between fingers to provide a sensory experience and come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes with some even glowing in the dark.

Their growing popularity is no doubt down to their small size, easily fitting into your pocket and the fact that they cost an average $5.35 on

Premium spinners can cost more than $90.

In Melbourne, Mazenod College assistant principal Tony Coghlan said the school had banned students from bringing them to class.

Josh Gordon from Caulfield, who runs an import business, said he had been selling fidget spinners through the Maroondah, Knox, Yarra Ranges Noticeboard Facebook group.

"I've sold 11,000 spinners in the past two months," Mr Gordon said.

"Every kid seriously wants one, but they are just as appealing for adults," he said.

"They are a great gadget to keep on your desk and fidget with at work."

One Stop Sensory Shop owner Colin Kuhn, who sells the spinners online, said he had sold more than 400 units so far.

"We sell toys for children with autism and disabilities and fidget spinners are definitely a great toy to keep them occupied," Mr Kuhn said.

He said he had many returning customers who loved them and were coming back to purchase different styles and colours of the spinners.

Javier from Montrose, who has been selling the spinners on Facebook and Gumtree, said they were a great stress relief.

"The spinners are targeted at children but they are great to use for people who have quit smoking or dealing with anxiety," he said.

He said he had sold 200 spinners in the past three weeks.

"They are really all the rage right now and it's easy to see why."

News Corp Australia

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