Rock climber clinging to a cliff.
Rock climber clinging to a cliff.

Five obscure sports you can do post-coronavirus

MOST sports are closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic but here are five more unusual sports you can take up after COVID-19.


1) Rock climbing

There's few greater workouts than rock climbing. It tests physical strength, endurance and willpower as climbers attempt to scale up a rock face. The Northern Rivers features several climbs including Old Lismore Quarry and Urbenville which are popular with climbers. Circus Art in Byron Bay also features a rock climbing wall in their indoors facility which suits all skill levels.

2) Disc Golf

Lesser know than it's elder brother golf, disc golf combines the childhood pastime, the frisbee, with golf, Instead of pinging balls down the fairway with clubs, players throw frisbees into specialised baskets. The Ballina Botanical Gardens features Ballina Disc Golf Park which is home to the Northern Rivers Disc Golf Club. This is a fantastic social sport for all types of people. More information can be found here.

3) Water polo

If you like swimming and you have a competitive streak, water polo might just be the sport for you. For those unfamiliar, water polo is like soccer if it ever got played in a pool. Teams compete for possession of the ball and to put a few past the goalkeeper, highest score wins. IF That sounds like something you'd like, you're in luck because the Far North Coast Water polo has teams situated from Mullumbimby to Byron Bay. To stay up to date with water polo in the Northern Rivers, click here.

4) Table Tennis

It's time for some ping-pong! Table tennis is often a spot of fun played with mates but for those of you who think you've got what it takes, there's plenty of clubs available to join. Table tennis occasionally cops a rap as being easy but you need fast reflexes and a keen eye. The great thing about table tennis is it is very accessible, with competitions available from junior through to senior and some clubs now offering wheelchair table tennis. PCYC is a great option for potential table tennis players.

5) Badminton

Forgetting the jokes about "goodminton", badminton is a great sport for cardio and to play at either club or social level. It tests your endurance, agility and reflexes but requiring only one other player, a net, shuttlecock and racquets, badminton is a relatively simple sport to pick up. The Northern Rivers has plenty of club available including the Lismore Southern Cross Badminton Club, which is always open to new players.

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