Giraffe pot plant for $49.95.
Giraffe pot plant for $49.95. Jessica Crofts

Floral gifts for mum

IF YOU haven’t heard, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday – yep this Sunday as in this weekend.

Most Mums really are easy to please so think about these easy gift ideas if you have not had the time or money to go shopping until today.

Here’s six gift ideas that won’t break the budget but are likely to make her feel special:

A new cup or box of chocolates accompanied by a signed "contract" from the kids promising to do the dishes/washing/vacuuming or mowing for the next week/month or year.

Serve her breakfast in bed or at the table (but make it bit special – not even the most loving mum enjoys burnt toast) accompanied by a bunch of flowers and a promise that all siblings will take a no-fighting vow for the day.

Take Mum out for lunch – but let her choose the venue and don’t forget to invite Grandma. Or make up a picnic lunch and head for the closest park. Most mums really are happy to be surrounded by family, especially if everyone is having fun.

If you don’t live close enough to visit your Mum make sure you call. But don’t leave it until 9pm or she will know you forgot and actually speak to her - a text is not enough for the woman who has done so much for you.

If you are splashing out on a store-bought gift do not buy an appliance unless she has "begged" for that particular item and if you do buy an appliance go for the top of the line option.

Buy Mum a tree for her garden and plant it together – go for something hardy and it will become a lovely reminder that last long into the future.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means?

People in a panic to buy those last minute surprises, rushing around to pick up the flowers and making arrangements.

However there is no need to panic any longer as Charleville Cottage Flowers and Garden have you sorted.

They have fresh flowers coming into store daily. Come in and see their lovely range of flowers from roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums in all different colours.

They can even send them just around the corner for you because they will be open late Saturday until about 4pm and Sunday 9am to 12pm.

Not only does the store have a variety of flowers but you can also get mothers day cards to go with that set of flowers.

They have a range of boxed chocolates which will keep that special mum satisfied.

The store has also just gotten in some high end fashion attire, ranging from intricate jewellery, scarf's and bags.

Feel like those flowers need to be paired with something else, why not go for the new range of ornaments and artificial flowers to match any home decor.

So dont leave things to the minute and pop down the Charleville Cottage Flowers and Garden before its to late.

They provide a friendly service and can tailor your purchase with any of your needs.

Love your mum and spoil her this Mother’s Day!

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