HOME GAME: Warwick Wolves players (white) in a game at Queens Park. FILE PHOTO
HOME GAME: Warwick Wolves players (white) in a game at Queens Park. FILE PHOTO Gerard Walsh

Football Queensland to investigate "all-in brawl

UPDATE: Football Queensland is set to give show cause notices to Warwick and St Albans clubs after an all-in brawl at half-time resulted in a premier grade game on Sunday at Queens Park being called off by the referee.

 Warwick was leading 4-1 when the brawl erupted as players left the field at half-time.

 Football Queensland South West zone president Nigel Fanning said he was aware of the incident.

"These incidents are very rare in football but we are not immune from it, I don't condone this behaviour and our association will do everything in its power to eradicate such behaviour from the game," Fanning said.

"We will manage it in accordance with the by-laws, regulations and procedures set out by Football Queensland.

"Both clubs were in breach of regulations for failing to control their players. That generally results in a show cause notice being issued to the clubs asking why they shouldn't be sanctioned.

"We will request an explanation of their actions within seven days before the matter goes to a disciplinary committee."

 The Football Queensland South West disciplinary committee is a panel of police, public servants and professionals who volunteer to be an independent disciplinary committee for the zone.

EARLIER: AN "all-in-brawl" has forced a premier division match between the Warwick Wolves and St Albans to be called off in Football Toowoomba fixtures.

The brawl followed the Wolves' best half of football for the season on Sunday.

Warwick coach Jon Pearson said the incident happened as the players were leaving the field at half-time with his side up 4-1.

"No one was injured," he said.

"The referee then called the game off, I have no idea what will happen with the competition points. We were leading when the game was called off."



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Pearson said he had not seen a similar incident in his 14 years as a football coach.

"Our players had a chat afterwards and said they were disappointed that it happened as they should have been," he said.

Warwick needed the points to maintain even an outside chance for a finals spot in the premier grade.

"The first half was our best performance of the season, everyone played really well," he said.

"Joey Campbell played well in midfield."

Rob Davey scored two goals for Warwick, Campbell and Jayden Webb one each. The St Albans goal was from a penalty.

In reserves, Warwick went down 5-0 to St Albans.

Warwick started the weekend with a 2-1 win against Wanderers in colts. Nick Spence and Will Gordon scored the goals.

It is expected Football Toowoomba officials will investigate the incident at the Warwick premier division game after receiving a report from the referee.

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