Garage sales: The Good, the bad and the ugly

HAVING visited thousands of garage sales during the past 30 years, I regard myself as a seasoned veteran.

If you are a collector of something, garage sales are a great place to visit to buy the elusive treasure at a good price.

Many dealers visit these sales to fill up on stock for their market stalls, stores or resell the item on eBay.

If you visit garage sales on a regular basis, you can make friends with people who share with you the collecting bug.

It's a socializing experience.

However, there is a darker side to garage sales…it comes in the guise of the unscrupulous dealer, the one that will attempt to rip-off the vendor, specifically if he or she is old.

Then we have the thief, the person who removes items whilst the crowd swarms around the goods.

We have the elephants, those who have little regard for other people's property.

They enter the house, throw items on the floor and walk over goods…all in the rush to grab their item of interest.

Then we have the brawlers…yes, those who actually fight over an item.

Last week, I saw two women fighting and swearing at each other over a model boat.

Two mature women, who should know better.

Garage sales are fun, they are like a lucky dip but the fun runs out when these sales are frequented by rip-off artists, thieves, wreckers and brawlers.

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Extra drought funds available in Maranoa

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