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‘Gentleman’ driver busted in Roma days after disqualification

A Magistrate had stern words for a disqualified driver who thought it was okay to get behind the wheel twice after being disqualified by another court only days before.

Peni Kaulotu Raiwalui Jiko appeared in the Cairns Magistrate Court on December 14, 2020, and was sentenced to a seven month licence disqualification for driving with an alcohol limit of 0.084.

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But four days later on December 18, the father-of-two took over driving from his sister on their way between Roma and Brisbane, the Roma Magistrates Court heard on February 3, 2021.

“The defendant was questioned on how he got to Roma and he told police he had driven the vehicle from Brisbane,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting said.

Jiko was busted again for disqualified driving the next night, where he was caught by police on Wyndham St, Roma, driving his car closer to the pub.

Solicitor Leslee Reed told the court Jiko just wanted to help out his mates because it started raining.

“He decided to be a ‘gentleman’ and cross the road and bring the car around so it would be on the side,” Ms Reed said.

Sergeant Whiting said Jiko was over the alcohol limit at 0.125.

Jiko was also involved in a fist fight near the traffic lights on Quintin and McDowall streets the next month on January 23, 2021.

Police found a large group of people in the area.

“Police stopped to speak to the driver of the vehicle to ascertain what was happening and wound down the window and observed that the defendant was engaged in a verbal argument with another male,” sergeant Whiting said.

Jiko and the other man were “aggressively facing off” then started throwing punches at each other, sergeant Whiting told the court.

Police needed to use pepper spray on them.

Ms Reed said Jiko was cooperative with police during the incidents.

“He acknowledges it was extremely silly of him to drive from Brisbane to Roma,” she said.

“He felt that he was better at driving at night than his sister.”

Magistrate Peter Saggers told Jiko he’s gotten himself in a bit of trouble since appearing in the Cairns court.

“All this is because you didn’t have a licence and you drove at 0.084 and you appeared in Cairns on 14 December,” he said.

“So, it should have just been left at that.”

Magistrate Saggers sternly told Jiko he was not allowed to drive until he had a licence, and if he was found driving before then, he could be found in contempt of court.

“If you do that, the punishment will be severe to stop you from doing that,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“That means you’re going in for a bit, because you won’t listen, because you think you know more, and you’re not going to listen to the order I’ll make.

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Originally published as ‘Gentleman’ driver busted in Roma days after disqualification

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