George Christensen in federal politics.
George Christensen in federal politics. APN PHOTO LIBRARY

George shrugs off 'Queensland's most embarrassing' label

A BRISBANE-based journalist has launched a scathing attack, saying LNP Member for Dawson George Christensen makes her "embarrassed to be a Queenslander".

Via an opinion piece for SBS online, Rebecca Shaw also criticised XXXX beer, cane toads, the fact we can't keep pet rabbits and our 'age of sexual consent' laws along the way.

In the 789-word tirade, Ms Shaw introduces our federal member as "the long-running political and personal embarrassment that is LNP MP for Dawson, George Christensen".

She took aim at Mr Christensen's posts on social media, including calling conservation groups "eco-traitors", posting a naked cartoon of Premier Annastacia Palasczuk and his Twitter post speaking out against the #illridewithyou hashtag.

"... in July he attended an anti-Islam Reclaim Australia rally in Mackay, claiming that Australia is at 'war with radical Islam', and that Australia's lifestyle should not be 'surrendered'," Ms Shaw also says, sarcastically calling it a genius move.

"More recently, Christensen was called 'repugnant' by shadow immigration minister Richard Marles after he made comments (and also tweeted) that refugees accepted into Australia would either take jobs meant for Australians, or end up on the dole," she writes. "The timing of his comments were particularly graceful, offered during a week where Australia was debating how many Syrian refugees should be re-settled here."

She finished the opinion piece asking the voters of Dawson to reconsider their representative, asking "haven't we suffered enough?".

Speaking to the Daily Mercury this morning, Mr Christensen said the latest tirade aimed at him was "water off a duck's back".

"What can you do? You don't go into politics to win popularity contests with southern media," he said.

"If I went to water for every little bit of criticism that was out there I'd be a blubbering mess by now. Thankfully that sort of stuff is water off a duck's back."

Asked if he's received any feedback following the article, Mr Christensen said he hadn't - good or bad.

"It just goes to show it's playing to a very limited audience that reads SBS online," he said.

Mr Christensen said he was often condemned for speaking out about issues of which he was passionate.

"Everyone cops flak in politics, that's for sure. It's a shame it gets down to personal insults but that's the nature of the beast unfortunately," he said.

"...if they're wanting me to apologise for condemning and opposing radical Islam that's not going to happen.

"If they want me to apologise and retract (my statements) attacking the extremist green groups who want to shut down the coal industry and destroy jobs for our part of the world that's not going to happen either."

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